For Your Health and Well Being Take Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology treatment is provided by applying certain pressure on a few specific areas of our hands, feet or ears. According to reflexology theory there are few points in our body, which can affect a particular organ or a system.  Different points affect different parts of our body.


reflexology treatment

Although doctors do not provide reflexology services as a treatment to their patients on a regular basis, there is a report available where many people from various parts of the world get lots of relief from such treatment. This service can address the problem of asthma, anxiety, cardiovascular problems, cancer treatments, diabetes, headaches and various kinds of kidney problems.


In various countries of Asia as well as Europe people are taking reflexology services and are quite happy with the outcome of this service. Some of the companies in Denmark employ professional reflexlogists in their company to help the employee and improve upon their absenteeism.  In addition to that company owners also find that their profitability has also increased by hiring such professionals.


There are certain parts of our body like hand feet and ears have connection with many of the organs and bones of our body. Therefore by applying pressure to these parts, it is possible to influence other parts of our body. There is map available that indicates which parts of our body are related to an organ.


Reflexology technique was known from the ancient times. We are not sure where it was originated however Chinese people were aware about it since 1000 BC.

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