Different Podiatric Diagnostic Tests Used By The Podiatrist

The feet are important for movement and thus it is essential to make sure that they are healthy. There are many times that people overlook the pain or swelling in their feet. Several cases of major foot issues can be observed in London due to this negligence. So, if you observe any kind of change or pain or swelling, you should immediately visit a foot specialist in London. They will use a wide range of podiatric tests to diagnose the problem. All the diagnostic tests help in the treatment.

The currently used diagnostic tests are given below.

Arthrography  -It is used to explain the cause of the joint pain. A solution of iodine is injected in the joints to highlight the structures like joint capsules, ligament, tendons, and cartilage. By the use of a fluoroscope, several X-rays of the joints are taken. The podiatrist examines the X-rays to detect the problem.

Blood test – The podiatrist may also ask for a blood test according to your condition. There are many conditions that are diagnosed by the presence of specific substances in your blood like rheumatoid arthritis.

Bone scan – bone scan is done in two ways. One is to identify the bone density for osteoporosis diagnosis. In this, ultrasound and X-ray beam is used and it determines the strength of the bone. The second one is to identify the unusual bone formation in the area. It is to identify the fracture site or the identification of cancer, arthritis, or any infection.

Computed tomography – The CT scan is done to give a detailed image of the body. The podiatrist asks for CT scan if they suspect a tumor that does not come in X-ray.

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