Braces –The Best Treatment For Misaligned Jaws

Misaligned jaws affect a person physically as well as have a mental impact on the person. People with misaligned jaws often avoid public appearances and are affected emotionally. Dentists provide a variety of teeth treatments for proper alignment of teeth. Braces installation on teeth is the most preferred treatment for misaligned jaws. The teeth are aligned with a wire through braces which are tightened by a dentist at regular intervals. The tightening gradually moves the teeth and set it perfectly and brings them in proper alignment.

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Types of braces used for jaw alignment:

Metal braces:

Metal braces are the traditional, inexpensive braces made up of stainless steel.The metal braces hold the teeth through a wire.They provide pressure on tooth to make them adjustable and give them a perfect shape. Eating habits are to be cared for long usage of braces. Avoid eating things that stick on the teeth especially chewing gums and caramel things.

Lingual braces:

Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth. They are invisible from outside. The process of placing them is complicated and requires an experienced Dentist to fix it. They work well in big teeth as in small teeth they are not fitted properly and come in the way of the tongue and can cause speaking problems and injuries.

Ceramic braces:

Ceramic braces blend easily with teeth making less prominent. They are costly than metal braces. The ties in braces can be chosen as elastic ties or metal ties. It is recommended to replace the ties monthly to avoid discoloration in ties.

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