Various Techniques For Chin Reshaping

A disproportional chin can make the face look imbalanced. A prominent chin will give your face more symmetrical and defined look. In Bath, there are many face surgeons who offer the services of chin reshaping. A face can look unusually out of shape with a disrupted chin. So, you can go for a permanent or temporary solution to give your face a balanced look. You can take a trial using the fillers to see if reshaping can give you the desired look; and if you are satisfied, you can think about a of chin reshaping surgery in Bath as a permanent solution.

Techniques used for reshaping your chin

Implants – In this process, customized silicone implants are inserted under the chin or inside the mouth to give it a proper projection. It is a permanent solution for a disrupted and weak chin. The recovery might be slow but no touch-ups are required after the process.

Fat grafting – People who do not want lasting implants, can go for fat grafting. In this process, excess fat is extracted from the areas like hips and abdomen. That fat is then purified to inject into the chin to add volume. The results are permanent after 3 months. It is an effective process and many people are opting for it.

Injectable fillers – This technique is for people who do not want lasting impacts of surgery, or those who want to check if their new chin feature suits them. The process includes fillers of hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite. It can be done in a clinic and takes less than 2 hours.

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